Great news for the ‘outsourced employees’ of various departments of the state: Government orders to implement ‘minimum wages’


The government has ordered minimum wages for outsourced employees in various departments of the state.

In this regard, the Deputy Secretary to the Government of the State Labor Department has issued a circular and directed to pay the minimum wage rates fixed on 28-07-2022 to the outsourced staff in various government departments who are employed through security agencies.

It has been said to pay minimum wages to workers in cleaning of toilets, bathrooms and drains.

Apart from this, the variable gratuity rates which are increased every year in April should be paid in addition. There is a minimum wage for eight hours of work in a day including breaks, and if you work more than this, you will be paid at double the rate.

The amount for ESI, PF withdrawal of the owner’s share is added to the ESI, PF withdrawal of the employee’s share, and the employer is told to deposit it in the ESI, PF account of the employee.

Also, salary money should be deposited in the employee’s bank account by the 5th of every month. It said that no irregular inspections shall be made.

Vishwaradhya HY, the state president of the contract and outsourcing employees association of the state health department has commented on this, if the government is aware of the problems of the workers and such orders come, it will give confidence to the employees. A major demand of our association is the need to set up a government-owned organization or association for outsourced employees.

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